Our Story

Eliminating distractions so that you can focus on your core business

Our Mission

Operating a business can already be a complicated business – wastewater need not be an added burden. At REVIDA WATER, we are reinventing the process of acquiring and operating a wastewater treatment systems.

We are putting a stake in the ground and switching teams – we want what you want! REVIDA WATER is raising the bar on how clients pay for and expect from a wastewater partner.

Why We Exist

As a former vendor that manufactured and sold wastewater equipment, Ashish was frustrated with the cost, complexity and misaligned incentives in the industry.

What customers really want is for someone to raise their hand and say “I’ve got you covered on wastewater, go back and focus on your core business.”

When was the last time a vendor offered to pay for their own service and guarantee the efficacy of their offering? Yeah, we’re that certain (and crazy)!

REVIDA WATER is the disruptor

Our Values

In today’s age of flexible morals, we are delightfully old school. We stand for our beliefs. And our values speak for themselves.

Treat all stakeholders including our employees, suppliers and customers with the highest level of ethics.

We will shoulder all the burdens and responsibilities of the wastewater experience. No finger pointing, no blame game, no excuses.

We stand by our words. We will deliver on our promises or we will step aside. We don’t get paid until we deliver for you.

We make it financially and operationally easy for you to become better stewards of the planet. In rethinking how you pay for your wastewater compliance, we’re bringing the benefits of reusable water to all

Our Promise

Simpler, Cheaper, Faster and Guaranteed

Fully Customized Systems

No one size fits all

Plug and Play

One vendor for everything wastewater

Performance Guaranteed

Only pay for successfully treated water

Pay as You Go

Monthly bill, like a utility

Faster Compliance

Reduce project timeline by 6-12 months

Reduce Water Usage

Decrease water usage by 95%