Engineering Firms

Environmental Consultants and Engineers

We are your supporters and enablers.
We want to put life into your design and ideas.

We Are Your Reliable Partners

We are all co-inhabitants of the same planet. As fellow engineers and consultants, we understand the nuances of working with a variety of ‘vendors’.
We can take the lead or assist you in every aspect of the project development
We want what you want – a successful, timely and cost effective solution for your client

Our Complete Scope of Service Includes

We can take as many or as few of these tasks in our scope


Lab study
Process design
Civil, mechanical, electric design
System specification
Installation guidelines


Wastewater system build
Direct sourcing of some parts (by client)
Civil site prep., preparation for system


Wastewater system placement
Electrical connections
Mechanical connections
System testing
System start-up
Operator training


Chemical dosage
Periodic maintenance
Parts replacement
Bacterial culture maintenance
Periodic testing


Chemical re-supply
Optimize system operations and effectiveness
Ongoing compliance & reporting

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