Dairy & Milk Products

Water Re-Use System for Dairies

Recurring drought and unstable water supplies are making re-use system a strategic priority!

Dairy & Milk Products: Wastewater is a Strategic Priority

There is an increased scrutiny on the dairy industry’s water and wastewater practices.
Wastewater reuse systems can be used to secure current and future water supply needs.

REVIDA WATER: Guaranteed Re-Use Systems

Our solutions include:

Fully customized systems
We design build, install, operate and maintain the entire system
Only pay for the wastewater you treat
We are responsible for all permitting and all compliance

We Will Work With You and Your Advisors

REVIDA WATER is scope and technology agnostic. If you have preferred vendors (e.g. environmental consultants, suppliers, vendors), we will happily work hand-in-glove with them. Our goal is to ensure that the right system is designed, installed and operated at your site.

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